We all need someone to squish and be squished back in return.

I know I said I will tell why I’m intrigued with a certain someone but I just need to let this off my chest.

I suddenly feel lonely. It just hit me as I’m reading ‘The perks of being a wallflower’ by Stephen Chbosky. Then I remembered that it’s been years. No I’m not being an emo nemo because I’m high. I did not touch a single drop of alcohol for a week plus already.

I just suddenly miss the feeling of being loved. The kind which you can’t get from family nor friends.


Do llamas have feelings? Do they look at each other and go “hey llama I think you are hot”, then nibble on some grass together? Then what about the ugly or fat ones? Do they eventually find a fellow llama which they can wander the fields together at all?

I wouldn’t want to be a llama. I feel sorry for them.


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