Sailor Sab.

As far as I can remember, I’ve always enjoyed my drinks. Not that I’m an alkie (uh oh isn’t that what they all say??!?!), but I really do appreciate it. Other than tequila, red wine and those funky concoctions, I love them all.

Then, there’s the thing about swearing. Other than myself, I don’t know another girl who swears with as much frequency and vigour as me. This is how I’ve kind of earned the nickname “Sailor Sab”. To be honest, this has never bothered me much. I always thought; if you cannot tolerate my cussing then don’t hang out with me because that’s who I am.

However in recent times, I’ve grown to be slightly conscious of it. All of a sudden (actually it’s not all that sudden but it just feels like it), my original group of sailor friends are different. They are getting hitched, popping children as if it was as easy as snapping one’s fingers…. *poof*

Hey so it suddenly feels like I’m alone. So I go off to find alternative activities to occupy myself. Then it seems like I just emerged from a cave after hibernation. These people that I meet are just…. Different. Makes me wonder what kind of life I used to have.

Don’t get me wrong. I love my old friends but now that most of them are daddies and mummies, they seem to have forgotten that they too, once swore like how one throws snuff at wakes. What is happening?

Ok the truth and revelation behind this whole issue is, I recently met this man. Not meet as in oh-it’s-a-blind-date kind of meet but just gotten to know ok. He leaves me intrigued (tell you why in my next post), in a positive way. But he’s kinda prim and proper. He actually whipped his head around in what felt like surprise, or even shock when I let fly the F word in a movie once.

For once in my life I felt embarrassed for swearing. He could actually be a positive influence. In fact, I just made it through this work week without swearing once! This is nothing short of a miracle if you ask me.

Not sure how long I’ll last, but will give it a go any how. Perhaps one day I will no longer see the need to wash my mouth out with bleach.

And maybe in some other galaxy, I will quit drinking. Goodbye Sailor Sab, hello Straight-laced Sab!



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