Hello wordpress world!

As random as I always am, I decided to have a spur-of-the-moment urge to switch blogs. My Xanga account was started years ago when I was young and mad. Not to say I’m no longer mad but I think a change of scene is good. Plus I would like to think my madness has mellowed with age. With the other account, I started it full of go-get-life-by-the-horns zest and it kinda died gradually. With this, I hope to reignite the enthusiasm from yesteryear.

Not to say I don’t have any sentimental feelings for lustytoadess (yes, that was my last blog name- told you I’m mad), I do. I really do. Perhaps I’ll do a ‘best of’ and re-post all my favourites. Which could be potentially everything because I love myself so much.

My life is fabulous. I know it. I can just feel it.



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